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honey oatmeal soap

The Soap Dish Story

I learned how to make traditional cold process soap in 2008 after lots of research online and finally getting up the courage to give a very basic recipe a try.

It was love at first sight – l still remember the very first batch that I made in a washed out milk carton – I was tearing the paper away from a fresh log of soap and I really couldn’t believe l’d made it!

After lots of trial and error I started selling my soap at local markets but family & work life got too busy, and after 12 months l passed on my little soap business to someone else to take over.

11 years later during Melbourne’s lockdown, it was a comment from my daughter that she ‘used to love when l made my soaps’ that got me rummaging through the garage for all my supplies. I started making a batch or two every day, and was hooked all over again.

There’s something so relaxing about carefully measuring and weighing everything, and planning a new soap. It always starts with a fragrance combination l’d love to try, and then l dream up what it will look like before l start. This time round l am really excited to experiment with essential oil blends and some natural soap colours.

Watch this space, I look forward to sharing my soapmaking journey with you!



favourite essential oil:

Peppermint and lavender, l use them every day to relax and stay calm 🙂

my favourite soap:

anything citrus – l really love all the citrus essential oils, both seperately AND mixed together.

best part of making soap:

cutting it up and seeing if my design worked!