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The Soap Dish soaps are hand made in Melbourne, Australia using natural oils and ingredients that nourish your skin and smell amazing. The unique combination of colour, fragrance and handpicked ingredients blended with old fashioned soapmaking methods means there is a little work of art in every piece. Add a bar of soapy indulgence to your busy life – handmade soap is a luxury you can enjoy every day!

REAL soap won’t dry out your skin

Most supermarket soaps or shower gels will dry out your skin, because they often aren’t really soap at all. Read the label and you’ll see they can contain petroleum products, esters, surfactants, alcohols, low grade oils, parabens, waxes, fillers, detergents and preservatives.

Using the traditional cold process method, my soaps contain a combination of olive, rice bran and coconut oils plus shea butter to make each bar from scratch. These oils are all natural and known for their skin loving qualities. My soaps are fragranced with pure essential oils or even left completely fragrance free. You’ll also find ingredients like oatmeal, dried lavender, rose petals, herbs and various botanicals. Apart from goats milk, all soaps are vegan, and all my soap is palm oil free.

handmade soap